Number One Cause of Motorcycle Accidents in 2022

The Number One Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur every single day. Motorbike accidents were the highest in 2017. The percentage of accidents still didn’t rise severely down. Well, there are more than 20 common reasons for Motorcycle involving accidents. But what is The Number 1 Cause of Motorcycle Accidents, for which most accidents occur? Despite there being many road hazards for motorcyclists, one single reason stands at the top for all motorcycle crashes.

In short, The number 1 cause of motorcycle accidents is the negligence of other drivers. As a result, in 55% of cases, they hit the motorcyclist and cause accidents. Unfortunately, a vast portion of such accidents is fatal.

We’ll be discussing how such an accident occurs with some practical experiences. Take a cup of coffee and keep on reading.

The Number One Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

There is no main reason for a motorcycle accident. An occurrence can happen for a slight mistake or can’t happen for even more significant errors.

That is why, Before anything else, why not just look at the most common causes of motorcycle accidents at a glance?

Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

If we specifically hold a reason liable for motorcycle accidents, it would be the Motorcycle itself. Wondering how?

There might be some most common causes of motorcycle accidents. But in the bigger picture, the Motorcycle is sensitive to crashes due to its lightweight and insecure nature. For example, one of my motorcyclist friends has confronted a collision recently. In the scenario, he hit a car and got injured, whereas the driver was safe. The car driver just got a punch behind the vehicle and nothing else.

But what happened to the motorcyclist? He was severely injured and suffered the pains and financial costs for months!

Causes of motorcycle crashes can include the slightest mistake like breaking a little early and even looking around and being distracted for a fraction of time.

The Number One Cause of Motorcycle Accidents based on practical principal

Wait, I understand what I have explained above. I’m not blaming the nature of the Motorcycle at all. A bike is, by default, that kind of vehicle. But there are some factors for which most Motorcycle crashes. So, what is The Number 1 factor of so many Motorcycle crashes happening around? We have talked to some Los Angeles accident lawyers, who said that drivers’ negligence causes most accidents.

Negligence of other passenger cars

It’s one of the core reasons for the growing motorcycle collisions. There are typically more cars than the number of motorcycles. According to a statistic by NHTSA, 73% of other vehicles and 27% of motorcycles are registered in the US.

Sometimes, eagle-sized vehicles, including trucks, fail to notice the sparrow-sized Motorcycle on the road. Unless given more attention, it’s a little tough to determine the bike’s position. As a result, a collision can happen all of a sudden.

NHTSA also published that ¾ of motorcycle accidents involve one or more passenger vehicles.

A motorcycle crash doesn’t only cause injuries to a motorcyclist. 37% of motorcycle injury victims suffer long-term financial consequences and pains.

The second primary cause of motorcycle crashes

Motorcycles are extensively known for speed and performance. Even, Motorcyclists might have bought their vehicles too for this reason. But unfortunately, this core feature of motorcycles is one of the significant causes of motorcycle crashes.

In 2014, distraction was also a primary reason for accidents. Over the past few years, we have minimized distractions; but another issue of concern, overspeeding, has risen.

The more the speed, the more the chances of an accident increase. But if you were injured, true to the overspeeding of another motor vehicle, they may be liable for the victim’s injuries. Driver negligence includes:

  •  Traffic law violation. For example, negligent drivers avoid legal turns.
  • Driving while being under the influence.
  • Not using the DRL in the daytime and lights at night.
  • Traveling while feeling sleepy (Drowsy driving).
  • And a lot more.

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What type of injuries motorcyclists may get for the Number One Cause of Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, very few percentages of motorcyclists survive the chances of injury after facing a motorcycle collision.

On the other hand, we have found a report where 88% of New York motorcycle accidents are fatal or severely injury-related cases. Let’s see the traumatic consequences of an accident due to the Number 1 cause of motorcycle accidents.

In detail, we have already explained the leading cause, the negligence of other drivers. But what consequences do we see in most of the accidents due to the failure of other drivers?

A motorcycle’s lightweight body and minor defensive system, when compared to cars, make motorcyclists very attracted to injury. Falling apart from a motorbike can cause significant damage to the vehicle and rider.

Brain injury increases fatality

In most negligent passenger car involved motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists get severely injured due to traumatic brain injuries.

A report by NHTSA in 2018 says brain injury is the primary reason 90% of motorcyclists die. Moreover, motorists are still unaware of the necessity of helmets.

Helmets increase the chances of surviving a motorcycle accident to a greater extent—unfortunately, many motorcyclists like wearing fancy, stylish, and beauty-centric helmets instead of certified ones.

A study shows that 819 people could have been saved in 2018 if they had worn helmets. In addition, the state could have saved 1.3 million dollars in economic value if all motorcycle riders were to wear helmets.

Due to brain injury, you will either die or faint. Brain injuries are, although fatal; you won’t suffer the pain in the long term.

Joint injuries cause enormous suffering.

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Joint injuries are long-lasting. Some severe joints like the neck and ankle injuries stay for a more extended period. But usually, there are higher chances of such enormous injuries when crashes occur on the highway.

A study by Yamaha shows that wearing protective gears decreases joint injuries by up to 55%. Using a protective jacket, knees, and shin guards reduces the opportunity for collisions to cause intensive injuries.

What are other reasons primarily responsible for motorcycle collisions?

I have included this section in this article because, in reality, many factors impact the chances of a motorcycle accident. That’s why I have summarized the other significant reasons in short. After reading this section, you will understand about 75% of all types of motorcycle accidents in reality in the US.

A motorcycle collision may include plenty of reasons, such as faulty roads. If you ever face a crash, make sure you have motorcycle insurance. Insurance can help you get compensation and fight against financial hazards.

Check if motorcycle insurance covers medical bills.