Malfunctions That Make Motorcycles Crash

Not even the most experienced motorcycle riders can be entirely confident that they won’t crash. Even with proper safety measures, their vehicles may malfunction and lead to fatalities. Here are the top 6 malfunctions that make motorcycles crash:

  • Engine Malfunctions
  • Defected Tires
  • Engine Integrity
  • Fuel Tank Flaws
  • Brake Error
  • Improper Handlebar

We have discussed the impact of failing bike parts with motorcycle experts and riders. We have summarized the critical interactions in our article to help you understand why some features stop working so well under the stress of riding and how they might lead to an accident.

Malfunctions That Make Motorcycles Crash

Now, Let’s look at the two most dangerous motorcycle malfunctions below. But we will discuss more.

Engine Malfunctions

Remember Effects of motorcycle accidents due to malfunctions can be dangerous. A malfunction in the engine belt system is one of the top motorcycle malfunctions at fault for motorcycle accidents. Two types can increase accident chances. It’s either lack of lubrication or the wrong kind of lube useduse synthetic oil, not mineral-based oil like Lucas Oil and Valeo (can be removed by contacting a mechanic)

Incorrect lube application can break the belt, resulting in engine failure and overheating cylinder systems. Instead of monitoring your motorcycle’s oil level, you should perform an annual inspection regularly – at least once a year or every 120kms (75 miles).

The belt tension is necessary to keep your bike running smoothly, which benefits both driving and braking. If you are unsure about it, get your bike repaired by professionals before taking further steps like buying a new kit; you will save yourself the problems in the future!

Defected Tires

While riding on bumpy surfaces, unbalanced tires can cause vehicles to go out safely and then crash into objects. The extreme stress of sports motorcycles on the road causes tires to unbalance.

Here are some ways to remedy your tire imbalance:
Wear more inner tubes for more extensive change and reduce risk in traction ability.
Use twisted wheels, suspension tuning kit, or eccentric disk from motorcycle shop with soft cotton rope (recommended)
Use a fatter tire or bigger tire size than the specified on your bike. Slippery conditions cause an increase in the chances of a motorcycle collision due to the high risk of loss of control and dangerous movement during cornering.

Don’t go anywhere! We will be discussing more unnoticeable malfunctions further below. But before that, Let’s study the reality of malfunctions that make motorcycles crash.

Can Motorcycles Contain Malfunctions By Default?

Motorcycle Malfunctions Increase Your Crash Chances

Wait a minute. Even though you may assume vehicles can come up with in-built malfunctions, motorcycles are very reliable forms of transportation.

Most modern motorcycles have various security certifications and regulations that manufacturers must meet before release. Otherwise, motorcycle manufacturers will not receive official authorization to release their motorcycles.

But some motorcycles are still available with extended sensitivity to accidents. We will discuss that later in this article.

To make this article, we have caught up with various motorcycle experts, enthusiasts, and riders to discuss how dysfunction affects motorcycles on the road. We could come up with a table summarizing people’s most common malfunctions when on their bikes.

However, we talked to Brodie Mack Jr., NHTSA’s Division chief. We asked him if manufacturers could release motorcycles with malfunctions in the market. He made the matter crystal clear.

He said,

49 CFR Part 567 requires that a motor vehicle manufacturer permanently affix a label certifying that it conforms to all applicable FMVSS.

It means all types of vehicles must meet the requirements provided by each state before having their place in the market. And the requirements include confirming the highest security for consumers.

But don’t think this is the end. A motorcycle manufacturer can still release a motorcycle with unnoticeable malfunctions out of the box.

How Do You Know If Your Motorcycle Have Malfunctions?

Surprisingly, A motorcycle’s starting system could fail to function correctly without even letting you know of an issue. For instance, if your bike breaks down, the first sign will most likely be the failure to start after pressing the ignition button, which will happen immediately.

If you don’t know how to fix a malfunctioning starting system (which wouldn’t surprise us), you would have no time to act even though it might be happening in front of your eyes while sitting on the horse’s seat as a rider.

The consequences are potentially visible while riding – but they can still occur very quickly, so riders don’t have enough time to safely stop their vehicles and resolve issues resulting from malfunctions like failing ignition systems.

Unless you’re an expert in caring for motorcycles, you won’t feel any malfunctions.

As a result, The consequences may be visible while riding, but that moment would be too short for a rider to stop and resolve things. And eventually, a fatal accident could be a matter of seconds.

According to NHTSA, system malfunctions can lead a motorcycle to lose controllability by up to 67%!.

Unfortunately, many bikers don’t hold expert knowledge. It may become more challenging for a motorcyclist to notice a few invisible malfunctions like Engine integrity, gas tank flaws, and crack in the frame.

Typical Common Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash

According to Sore, Malfunctions score 70 for occurring accidents after motorcycle accidents.

Sometimes motorcycle crashes can occur even when the rider takes all the necessary safety precautions. One of three possible malfunctions may occur inside your motorcycle, which will make it more likely to be involved in an accident.

The first malfunction that can cause a motorcycle crash is if the brakes on your bike are faulty. It can happen for you not being aware of them needing repair for wear and tear over time so that they don’t work as well as they were sulking.

The second type of flaw that could lead to a motorcycle crash is your clutch getting damaged; this is especially true when you don’t switch off the engine before making any adjustments to your vehicle, such as tire replacement.

As we continue our list of ways motorcycles can potentially crash, next up on the list would be oil leaks for various rea, such as a defective seal on your engine.

More Fatal malfunctions that increase your crash chances by up to 67%

A Few Motorcycle Malfunctions Increase Crash Chances

Plenty of motorcycle accidents happen due to fuel tank bursts or engine integrity. The concern is that these problems can suddenly show up due to long-term hurt to the motorcycle.

That means you still have the scope to identify if your motorcycle is having difficulty with malfunctions. Let’s know the potential and most seen malfunctions of a bike that make motorcycles crash:

Defected Wheels

Good wheels are crucial for your motorcycle health—riders who ride regularly and through unpaved roads cause the wheels to decrease traction gradually. It is one of the most common Malfunctions That Make Motorcycles Crash.

Professionals recommend examining wheels and tires every year. Moreover, motorcyclists must change their wheels after 5-6 years highest.

Not taking care of wheels reduce the integrity, traction, and thickness. As a result, many motorcyclists become a victim of motorcycle slide accidents.

Although you won’t feel your wheels losing controllability, you shouldn’t neglect the wheels at all. You may think you are going well with the existing tires, but they might be erratic inside in reality.

Crack in Frame

Well, this defect is detectable. A medium to expert motorcyclist can quickly identify if the motorcycle has any crack or error. But this is only when it comes to the outer surface.

Don’t forget that framing also includes the insider part of the kits. A crack on the frame near the engine may cause the engine to vibrate. The structural weakness can eventually influence performance and withstanding an accident. Reports say such accidents are fatal and can be liable for Nerve damage motorcycle accidents.

While you may think the vibration is because of the fuel tank or engine, it’s the small break inside the frame.

A minor defect inside the frame can affect other parts like suspension, inner wire connections, and fuel tank.

Engine integrity

The engine is the brain of your vehicle. At the same time, it can be a silent killer sometimes. The engine needs to stay calm and smooth at all times. If the engines abruptly stop moving in the middle of the road — it can be a heart-breaking experience.

The situation only gets unexpectedly worse when it is an engine failure. But hard-to-deal cases include losing integrity, stopping all of a sudden, and heating up significantly.

For instance, engines become significantly cold during the winter season. Therefore, heating the machine for a while before going out is crucial. Otherwise, expect the engine to stop while you travel suddenly.

It’s a must for motorcyclists to keep up speed with traffic flow. Stalling the engine can make the situation for an oncoming vehicle hit the motorcycle unwillingly.

Gas tank flaws

Tanks can leak gasoline and cause fire or a deadly accident. You won’t feel the smell of a cylinder or Caroline gases.

We have found several cases where the motorcycle burst out due to overheating the fuel tank.

Many motorcyclists fail to detect such a leakage unless it’s too late to prevent a devastating fire or deadly accident. You should examine your vehicle fuel tank often and check for leakages.

Leakages can form due to past accident consequences, manufacturer faults, or a mistake while servicing the motorcycle.

Brake error

Occurring an accident due to brake failure is probably a famous movie scene. Being unable to break is a scary experience on any vehicle, especially on motorcycles, when it comes to reality.

A high-speed crash due to brake failure is a malfunction that causes severe damage to the rider. As a motorcycle does not protect the rider using a vehicle frame, brake failure can even be the last moment of the victim.

But don’t worry! Thanks to the optimized and secured system of a motorcycle. You won’t face two brake failures simultaneously unless your enemy plans to do it.

But one break does happen, increasing your accident chances by up to 65% on roads. The possibilities are so high because, in most cases, the motorcyclist crashes out of panic.

Improper handlebar

While it’s not one of the most frequent motorcycle malfunctions, handlebars play a vital role in keeping the motorcycle your desired way. An improperly installed handlebar can decrease your controllability to a greater extent.

It would be challenging for the rider to steer the motorcycle without wobbling. The structure and grip, size, and installation matter a lot.

Handlebars can typically get defects during modification or unskilled repairing. Make sure the person working on your vehicle is efficient and adequately.

Would you get insurance for any crash caused by motorcycle malfunctions?

Insurance For Motorcycle Collision Due To Internal Errors

We have already explained the type of motorcycle defects. These defects cost many motorcyclists their lives every single year. If you ever face an accident due to mechanic defects, you hold the right to take action against the responsible ones.

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Firstly, manufacturers can be responsible for a motorcycle defect. As I have said earlier, manufacturers must meet public safety requirements before entering the market.

If a motorcyclist commits an accident due to any of the defects listed above or any other mechanical errors, they must seek an accident lawyer to get justice.

Sometimes, you may get correspondence from the motorcycle manufacturers asking you to compromise or make a low settlement.

But if you are sure that the accident was nothing without a fault of mechanical error, you must take legal steps. The manufacturer would have to compensate you, including medical, repairing, and other accident-related costs.

Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash are grave errors made by the manufacturer. Therefore, they won’t get a lenient legal consequence at all.

We have talked to accident lawyers, who said that accident victims could hire an accident attorney with no upfront payment. Accident Attorneys usually work for a fixed percentage of the settlement they get you. And that rate is 25% to 40% on average, depending on the level of your accident.

Don’t expect insurance in all types of malfunction cases

Yes, there are chances to get insurance for motorcycle malfunctions, but not in all cases. Malfunctions might not influence an accident as a whole. If the accident occurred due to 50% malfunction, you still have 50% remaining influence. Let me make this clear below.

For example, if you didn’t fix a malfunction, although you noticed it but forgot, You will be liable for any accident. In addition, if a motorcycle accident occurred due to your faults, like driving under the influence or violating traffic rules, regardless of the malfunction, you will be liable for such n accident.

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How to deal with the Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash

Maintaining specific safety measurements is crucial for motorcyclists who want to save themselves from the devastation of an accident.

Try your best to abide by the following unsurprising safety tips:

Safety gears raise your chances of surviving

Motorcycle helmet laws vary from state to state. In states like West Virginia and California, wearing helmets is obligatory while riding a motorcycle. According to a study by OXFORD, certified helmets decrease your chances of dying in a motorcycle accident by 43%.

Even if you fall apart from your motorcycle for one of the Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash, you can expect to live a longer life.

NHTSA showed that, in 2017, having helmets worn saved the lives of 1872 motorcyclists. An additional 749 fatal motorcyclists who died from accidents could have been saved if they had worn helmets.

Besides wearing helmets, other protective equipment like shin, knee, and elbow guard keeps you secured from most injuries. Please keep in mind that it is recommended to keep on helmets even after a crash. It is because the victim would still be on the open road after a crash which is fatal. Therefore, nearby people should be aware of what should they do if they see a motorcycle accident.

If you feel uneasy wearing separate guards, we have a solution!

There are waterproof protective jackets available in the market with CE-certified armor. These jackets are easy to wear, stylish, and keep you protected together.

Check for recalls

Vehicle manufacturers are obliged to expose defects as public information after discovery. In America, a medium of publishing such information is the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA features safety recalls on its website. They also have a toll-free number for consumers to get the latest information.

Their recalls typically include information regarding the following:

  • About the affected vehicle
  • Defective mechanical parts in question.
  • The most affected areas of the motor vehicle.
  • Finally, The way to moving forward.

In most cases, the manufacturer will inform the owner regarding the problem.

Motorbike Maintenance

A motor vehicle is full of technical parts and details. That’s why suddenly misbehaving may not be a malfunction at all. In reality, some flaws are not instantaneous malfunctions. The defective part can dangerously degrade over time and constant use. As a result, an accident is impossible due to improper maintenance. It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle with improper and irregular maintenance.

In such a case, if the accident occurs due to a long-term internal error, you may not be eligible for compensation or settlements.

Motorcycle Slide Accident

Motorcycle malfunctions cause motorcycle slide accidents in a vast number. Slide accident means occurring an accident due to skidding. But don’t worry! Most Motorcycle Crashes that occur due to malfunctions are not severe.

If you check the above symptoms of malfunctions, you will notice that most defects are not primarily detectable.

For instance, you can’t identify a wheel defect unless you’re used to riding motorcycles. Also, Pro motorcyclists have difficulties understanding the engine languages like engine integrity.

As a result, the impact of long-term defects influences controllability. When you lose control and get panicked, you quickly cause a motorcycle slide accident.

Is there any way to detect Malfunctions That Make Motorcycles Crash easily?

There is. Interestingly, you won’t have to be an expert to discover the malfunctions. Wait some more moments and keep reading to learn how you can identify motorcycle malfunctions.

Understanding malfunctions by vehicle behavior

I won’t talk here regarding the detectable Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash. It’s easy to identify an error on the outer surface, but the challenge is to find the hurt inside.

Regardless of being a newbie or expert, you must get used to your motorcycle. You have to understand your motorbike’s language by heart.

Motor vehicle expert Jason Fertal said,

“Engine can express the health of a vehicle. A passionate and dedicated motorbiker can assume problems by only hearing the engine sound.”

For example, If a motorcycle engine makes high noise, it signals that the fuel tank might be having a hard time. On the other hand, low noise means you’re running out of fuel, or the engine integrity is running low. There can be different reasons as well.

Don’t just keep abusing your motorcycle just by riding all day. Instead, listen to your riding assistant and keep them protected from potential hazards on the road for motorcyclists.

Getting closer to your motorcycle is studying, riding, and having a good relationship with other motorcyclists.

How do you take legal steps for accidents caused by vehicle malfunctions?

An accident causes horrific experiences for the victim. If anyone goes through an accident, they should immediately seek legal consultancy. Consultancy is necessary to know what to do next according to calamity.

File a case at the nearest police station to the accident venue. Make sure you have proof that your motorbike is having malfunctions. You have to meet the following requirements for that:

  • Registration paper with details about the motorbike.
  • Evidence of last servicing date.
  • The motorcycle must be in a good state for investigation purposes, not broken.
  • CCTV footage (highly recommended)
  • Witnesses and favorable opinion of the other vehicle (if involved)

Alright, so when someone occurs in an accident, there will be at least one passing by motor vehicle or pedestrian. In most cases, a gathering forms centering the accident.

What you have to do is note down the contact information of the witnesses. They will be helping you on your court date to describe the accident scenario briefly. Witnesses are valuable evidence to the court. Don’t miss them.

If the motorcycle manufacturer or servicers, whoever you think is responsible for the malfunction, don’t admit their fault or compensate you, then go for hiring an accident attorney.

Hiring an attorney will alert them regarding your seriousness. An attorney is, above all, an expert in dealing the problematic situations. They are experts at the different motorcycle statutes and help you maximize your insurance.

In this way, you can expect to get good insurance. Insurance will cover your medical bills, vehicle repairing, and other related costs.

Has anyone had insurance in the past due to accidents caused by Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash?

Yes, and we have evidence. We have communicated with a few people upon checking the insurance record from NHTSA. Thanks to Vicente Avila, the Records department chief executive, who helped us find out.

An accident is not the end of difficulties unless you have died. The aftermath and challenging part is getting insurance. If you ever face an accident, you must know what can happen after a motorcycle accident.

So, we have talked to victims regarding their insurance claims in detail. We have spoken to 7 injury victims due to motorcycle malfunctions. Surprisingly, only 3 out of 7 were able to get insurance. And the remaining four insurance seekers haven’t met the requirements listed above to file a case.

Don’t think you can’t win against the giant motor vehicle manufacturer. Instead, you can achieve your desired insurance from scratch if you have enough evidence.

Bonus motorcycle safety measurements to avoid Collisions

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration exposed that motorcycles are 27 times more prone to death due to crashes than passengers per mile traveled. As an aware motorcyclist, you must not rush! Why miss the opportunity to read some extra safety tips below?

Don’t assume the engine oil problem is a malfunction

If your engine’s fuel is unhealthy, it can damage the overall performance. Bad energy will primarily affect riders who don’t ride motorcycles frequently. Make sure your engine gets the best quality pure gasoline according to necessity. Don’t ever purchase gasoline from random stores or floating shops. Sometimes, if your motorcycle tips over, you can notice engine oil leaking.

Fuel could be damaged if you store your motorcycle in the winter. Moreover, Not using your bike more often makes the engine down. It is best to turn on your motorcycle engine at least every week for an hour during winter.

HotCars proved that a motorcycle traveling below 25 miles per week increases the chances of fuel getting worse.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. Buy a fuel stabilizer in such a case and apply the correct amount into the gas tank. Then, keep the engine on for at least 10 minutes and let the stabilizer work.

Bad gas mileage

If you don’t see your motorcycle not as fuel-efficient as advertised, it’s not probably due to a malfunction.

It’s more likely the engine oil responsible for the mileage. Maintain the following guidelines to improve fuel efficiency:

  • Change the engine oil.
  • Make sure your handling and wheels are up to date.
  • Drive at a more modest speed using proper gears.

Lackence of battery energy

Like fuel getting bad, brakes can also become sensitive due to the bad usability. If you frequently let your motorbike stay idle, batteries will get drained, so your motorcycle bike won’t start.

Two ways to fix this are to ride your motorbike more often or manually charge the battery at home.

Keep in mind that overcharging the batteries can explode to a certain level. To avoid such an incident, buy a battery minder and charger to charge batteries safely.

Outdated tires

Worn-out tires significantly influence the handling of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle Gore’s get worn out, you must replace them quickly. You can’t identify problems while riding in the middle of the road. Therefore, inspecting the tires every week is recommended.

Make sure that the tires are:

  • Having good air
  • Not getting lighter day by day.
  • Free of holes and pins.
  • Equal sized from both sides.

Conclusion: Malfunctions that make motorcycles crash

Any problem detected in your motorbike is not necessarily a malfunction. Sometimes, vehicles get errors due to misusing.

What we have called malfunctions are the ones prebuilt in a motorcycle.

Repair centers and manufacturers are primarily responsible for such malfunctions. If you ever face an accident due to malfunction, have legal consultancy.

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