It's always better to ask and know information than to assume something is true because no one can see if you're happy or not. We must try our best, but sometimes things don't turn out as planned.

The motorcycle shop I sued made a false claim on their website that I needed to have my bike serviced for it to be roadworthy.

Then, I brought the bike in for service; they told me I needed new tires and brakes, which would cost over $1,000.

I argued that the bike needed only minor servicing and unnecessary repairs, but the motorcycle shop refused to budge.

As a result of their false claim, I ended up spending over $1,200 on unnecessary services and was out of pocket for almost two weeks.

However, when I got the bill from the mechanic, he charged me for repairs that were unnecessary due to damage caused by wear and tear (i.e., replacing the spark plugs because of metal contamination).

As a result of this fraudulent advertisement and unscrupulous business practices, I lost out on over $1,000 worth of necessary repairs.

The basis of my lawsuit was that the motorcycle shop falsely advertised its services and conducted unauthorized repairs on my bike without adequately informing me of the necessary costs associated.