Do you wonder why cops pursue motorcycles more than other vehicles? From videos to real life, the fact has never been more straightforward.

In fact, according to statistics, motorcycles are the most frequent target of law enforcement pursuit.

Also, Motorcyclists are reported to have more legal challenges than cars or trucks. 

There are a few reasons why police officers often pursue motorcycles.

Many motorcycle riders are considered reckless drivers, which may lead to accidents and police confrontations.

Motorcycles are often associated with illicit activity, such as drug trafficking and robbery, which leads to tensions between law enforcement and motorcycle riders.

Motorcycles often have hidden unpermitted modifications and hazards which can surprise the police.

 Motorcycles often operate without wearing protective gear, making them vulnerable to injury.

If you see the cops coming, it might be best to pull over and let them handle the situation.

Otherwise, you could get pulled over and ticketed for riding recklessly.