The Railroad Motorcycle

A motorcycle concept currently on final tests will change how you travel.

New Concept Bike

By University Students

The railroad motorcycle is the brainchild of classmates at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


An Incredible Looking Motorcycle

They have developed an elegant concept for an all-electric motorcycle that looks like it belongs in a video game.

Unique Look

A New Form of Transportation

The Railroad Motorcycle isn’t just a concept; it’s an entirely new form of transportation!

Transportation Change!!

Long Story

Facing the same challenges as their forefathers, project team members Heqi Wang, Jianning Su, Xinyi Ma, and Kai Qiu came up with a two-wheeler that carries a rail latch inside th.


They were inspired by the history of their industry when they were young and are very excited to demonstrate how this concept has transcended into a functional vehicle.

The Journey Was Super

The Concept is Still Under Development

This concept design is on test in countries such as Japan and Brazil.

Wait For The Launch

Awesome Performance

The powerful engine and smooth gearbox provide a thrilling ride as it quickly propels you through rugged terrain.

Better Than Ever!