We have put together the most popular types of motorcycles in 2022 and explained their pros and cons briefly! Let's begin.

Most Popular Motorcycles

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruisers are popular for those who want something comfortable to ride yet still have the power and handling capabilities.


Such motorcycles have larger engines than sport bikes or dual sports, but they typically handle much better in tight quarters and are less prone to accidents.

You can also customize cruisers with add-ons such as exhaust systems and custom paint jobs, making them look more like street motorcycles than traditional cruisers.

Touring motorcycles

Touring motorcycles provide long-distance riding abilities and feature accommodations such as windscreens, fairings, and saddlebags that make traveling more comfortable. 


They may also have heated seats or powerful engine options to make long trips less tiring.

Street motorcycles 

These are designed for public streets and often have smaller engines that make them easier to handle. 


They may also have less powerful brakes than dirt bikes, making them more prone to accidents in traffic.

Sport motorcycles

These larger machines are usually geared towards high-performance riding and can be faster and handle better than street bikes. 


They may also feature safety features such as fairing shields or windscreens to improve rider visibility during competitions or long trips.

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