Let's look at some things I wish I knew before buying a  motorcycle.

A Motorcycle Safety Course costs less than $200, giving you the knowledge to make better decisions and stay safe.

Don't forget to factor in equipment and add-ons into your budget.

Start with something easy to ride, and work your way up to bigger, flashier rides.

No unique motorcycle like sports bikes is required to start, but you will want to ensure it's safe on the road with you.

Research your available choices and choose the best one that suits your needs and budget!

When buying a used motorcycle, what matters is if you can fix it up and make it safe for your continued use.

I wish I knew what a friendly, helpful group Harley® riders are.

 Wrenching your bike is rewarding in more ways than one, as it could save you in times of danger! 

You'll get addicted to the lifestyle and the motorcycling activity itself.