The Terrible Statistics About The Motorcycle Accidents in The US Revealed!

Motorcycle accidents in the US are rising, but not because more people are riding motorcycles! 

Overall, motor vehicle traffic decreases as Americans increasingly shift to riding motorcycles or public transportation.

But while overall traffic is going down, motorcycle deaths have been rising dramatically across all vehicles in recent years. 

Even total car-related fatalities have decreased by about 8%.

This mirrors an alarming trend nationwide: Motorcycle fatalities increased by almost 30% from 2007 to 2016.

This increase can be attributed to stiffer penalties for drivers who cause motorcycle accidents, 

But the real problem may be that motorcycles are becoming increasingly reckless.

A study published in Injury Prevention found that a third of all motorcycle fatalities can be attributed to rider error – including failing to abide by traffic laws. 

It’s not surprising then that many motorcycle riders don't bother getting safety education or wearing protective gear like helmets.

Even worse, studies have shown that even experienced riders are prone to making mistakes on the road.

So if you own a motorbike and plan on driving it around town, make sure you take basic safety.

The excellent news: Motorcycle accidents can be avoided by following these safety tips

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