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What are your chances of surviving a motorcycle accident in 20
Let's find out!

It might surprise you how the chances of a motorcycle crash can be determined. But it is genuinely possible!

The NHTSA has developed an awesome program that analyzes the variables of motorcycle accidents to determine survival rates in the event of a crash.

 According to the NHTSA, motorcycle crashes account for 27 times more deaths than automobile crashes.

 Just one person dies every 13 hours due to motorcycle accidents in the united states.

Compiling dozens of such figures, NHTSA thinks that you have a 21.3766% chance of dying from a motorcycle accident in your lifetime in the urban areas of the united states.

Now, let's see why these accidents happen frequently and how you can avoid most motorcycle accidents.

The leading causes of accidental deaths among motorcyclists include alcohol and speeding.

The good news is there are some crucial steps that every motorcyclist can take to reduce their chances of surviving motorcycle accidents.

Follow the below tips to avoid motorcycle involving fatalities:
1| Practise defensive riding.
2| Take a Safety Course.
3| Avoid unknown roads as much as possible.