Royal Enfield has taken on a new mission to study customers' expectations of electric motorcycles and optimize their products accordingly. 

The company will be testing different prototypes in the coming months before presenting them officially, but it has already provided an idea of what they can expect.

Royal Enfield is working to understand which features matter to customers and which aspects they don't see as necessary," says Romain Poiron, Chief Marketing Officer at Royal Enfield."

The company will build approximately 100 bikes with electric engines annually, but they are not in a hurry and have not finalized the project.

Royal Enfield Motors has said input cost pressures have stabilized to some extent, and they expect an uptrend in electric motorcycle demand in the upcoming festive season.

It looks like they are incredibly excited about the planned expansion of the distribution network in the semi-urban regions of India and China. 

The company has been struggling with COVID-19, which has led to the cancellation of significant contracts and modest business expansion.

But they have successfully made significant progress in advertising, sales promotion, and overseas expansion this fiscal year. 

This quarter was the first time Royan Enfield reached its pre-COVID volume levels, seven months late to the industry trend.

They have reported a 52% increase in motorcycle sales for the first quarter of FY 2022-23 compared to the year-ago period.