Nigeria thinks of banning motorcycle sales!

22 Aug, 2022

Nigeria is considering banning motorcycles sales to protect the country from terrorist attacks and other crimes. It is because most of the crimes involve motorcycles.

The Nigerian military has always fought against threats and challenges. But in recent years, insecurity in Nigeria has worsened.

But some experts say banning motorcycle sales won't work for five reasons.

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Commercial motorcycles help to address issues such as poverty and inequality, all of which drive insecurity in the first place

As a result, Banning commercial motorcycles would not address the underlying issues that cause insecurity.

Banning motorcycles in various cities and states could cause an increase in attacks on motorists, mainly if criminal groups make a run at hijacking vehicles.

Motorcycles can be a lifeline for people who live in conflict-prone areas as they are widely used for transportation.

In addition, since motorcyclists are often unarmed, they are an essential means for local men to send out warning messages about impending attacks.

The truth is that, unless the country is under siege, a ban on motorbikes will not work. 

Most importantly, Even The Nigerian Army has a dedicated Combat Motorbike Battalion.

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