Most riders have been searching for more fun and less work in a world full of big bikes. 

Minibikes are the perfect choice for those looking to get their foot on the gas and experience a rush that only a motorcycle can provide – without breaking the bank.

Don't worry; we intend to provide you with some of our research's best minibikes of 2022.


Harkening back to 1960s American scooter designs, the Coleman CT200U is a modern-day classic. 

At only $600, Its peppy 197cc, single-cylinder engine is capable of highway speeds.


The all-electric razor, superfly EFTR Jr. is designed for easy speeds and responsive handling, making it suitable for adults.

Up to 140 miles of range at 15mph lets riders enjoy up to 2.5 hours of ride time on a single charge. Also, The price is still $750!


The City Slicker is a surprise, especially regarding its $2.5K MSRP.

The City Slicker is their highest-performing street-legal e-bike yet, with a respectable range (up to 50 miles) and top speeds of up to 37mph.

 It features a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in just six hours, thanks to its 5aH capacity.