BMW's famous K 1600 GT Transformed Into Raucous Roadster!

In a city where you need to be on your game at all times, the BMW K 1600 R is an appealing choice for riders who want a bit of French flair

So when Parisian BMW Shop decided to modify its already excellent K 1600 GT into an even racier roadster, they called Parisian mechanic Michel Boissonnet to help

The updated BMW K 1600 R combines classic power, practicality, and luxury with impressive and advanced technologies.

It is powered by a new 1,649cc inline-six that produces 218 horses and 184 lb-ft of torque.

The wrapping bodywork is built around massive air scoops designated for cooling and increasing the power of the engine.

The Dynamic ESA "Next Generation" suspension features fully automatic load compensation, and it has an optional 10.25-inch TFT display and adaptive headlight.

A new generation of high-performance engines from BMW Motorrad's renowned Classic Engine portfolio round off this thoroughbred sports motorcycle perfectly.

The stock K 1600 R trim weighed 530 pounds, which was 220 pounds more than initially. 

Not only has the engine been given a sharpened powerplant note, but the paint job on the K 1600 GT shows that it was built to drive hard.

The exquisite proportions are further emphasized by a bold front fairing, which draws inspiration from the race-orientated roadster