Usually, you can save money on gas by buying a vehicle with the most efficient engine. But which vehicle type does cost less on gas? Let's find out!

Are motorcycles better than cars on fuel?

Sometimes, motorcycles are not better than cars in fuel. They may be worse due to the higher emissions from motorcycles.

Motorcycles are not always a good choice!

A motorcycle's average distance is 150-250 miles on a full tank. You'll need about 3-6 gallons of fuel per fill-up. 

Motorcycle's Capacity

And The real perk of riding motorcycles will come when you could hang for a handful of hours and refill for under CAD 15 (just under $12).

Motorcycle Fuel Economy

On the other hand, a car can average about 200-400 miles on one tank. And cars will need around 13-16 gallons of gas per fill-up!

How Much Can a Car Travel?

So, Fuel costs for cars range from 10.72 - 12.16 cents a mile. But remember that expenditure varies widely based on the vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Car Fuel Economy

A motorcycle will cost almost half of what you would spend on fueling cars.

Yes, motorcycles are more affordable!

So, if you don't have any transportation needs, you can get yourself a motorcycle to work every day.

Get a Motorcycle?

Learn more about the costs of owning and servicing motorcycles for new riders than cars.

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