Comparative Emission on Cars & Motorcycles

Let's see what famous studies and researchers claim about the harmful emissions of cars and motorcycles.

Motorcycles Emmit Low!

Motorcycle engines run cooler, reducing the heat they produce and helping reduce emission levels.

The components Used in Motorcycles Help!

All motorcycles use spark plugs explicitly designed for engine-related combustion.

Cars are not often optimized for emissions

On the other hand, regular car gasoline uses a single plug design that is not optimized for combustion.

The Throttle System

Motorcycle throttle bodies are calibrated and tuned to provide efficient power delivery and reduce emissions.

Type of fuel matters!

Motorcycles use higher quality oil than cars, which also helps reduce emissions.

Cars produce more hydrocarbon!

Cars are notorious for emitting hydrocarbons, which are highly harmful and corrosive gases. 

Smog Test

In many countries, including the US, you must smog test your vehicles and have a certificate, except for motorcycles in some states.

Motorcycles remain in the safe side

Fortunately, motorcycles do not produce any significant levels of hydrocarbons.

Learn more about the states which require smog test for motorcycles

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