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The Necessity of Good Oils

1) Your motorcycle may depend more on its oil than you think. A full tank of synthetic oil will last up to 10,000 miles if properly maintained and used.

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The Best Type of Oils For Motorcycles

2) If your only ride occasionally or during the off-season, using a semi-synthetic blend such as Mobil 1® 5W30 Extended Performance may be more appropriate.

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Using The Wrong Oil

3) Motorcycle piston engines run hotter than car engines and can suffer premature wear if the wrong oil is used. 

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Why Synthetic Oils?

4) Synthetic oils are formulated to resist varnish formation and prolong engine life by reducing lubricant consumption and engine wear.

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Signs of Using Bad Motorcycle oIL

5) Worn motorcycle bearings can also indicate that the oil level is too low, so it's essential to check the levels and top off as needed.

An interesting fact

6) Motorcycle engines use more oil than car engines because they have high revs (over 8,000 rpm). Synthetic oils are formulated to reduce friction and resist heat build-up.

Synthetic Oils May Work Like Magic!

7) Synthetic oil can also help reduce emissions by breaking down contaminants in the exhaust stream.

Don't be miser

8) Always use quality motorcycle oil when you are servicing your bike. A high-quality synthetic will provide extended engine life, reduce wear on internal components, and emit less.

Using Low Quality Motorcycle May Damage Your Motorcycle Engine Over Time

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