Are you interested in learning to be a safe motorcycle rider?

Choose a full-face helmet for riding. Such helmets offer the best possible protection surrounding your neck and head.

Learn and use hand signals regularly. This is a better and more meaningful mode of communication.

Learn the everyday riding situations and determine what you should be careful of (e.g., riding on the left side of cars.)

Take an online motorcycle riders' safety course for learning daily riding tips & tricks.

Use safety gear such as gloves and CE-certified jackets to prevent accidental damages.

Practice defensive riding at least once a week in your free time. Go to the ground and try simple stunts.

Riding preparation is mandatory before every ride. Crank the engine, see if the brake works, and inspect basic technical things you know.

Ride slowly during & after a rain! The road becomes wet, which reduces the traction.

Don't drink alcohol or take drugs before riding, even if you think it's okay.