Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is known as the world's leading motorcycle safety organization. Yet, how reliable are they?


Basically, The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) was founded in 1973 and funded by motorcycle manufacturers and distributors.

They are committed to providing the most effective training and education programs available to riders of all levels and ages and educating police and emergency service providers.

According to a study, Motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers ages 19 and under.

With every motorcycle ride, you count on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for safety information, training, and programs that help keep you safe.

Therefore, join the national organization, MSF, to keep in touch with the group's free motorcycle safety classes.

Since 1973, they have continuously worked to help riders learn motorcycle safety and get licensed.

You can talk to your nearest MSF branch today and talk about your motorcycle safety course requirements or schedule a time for a consultation.

If you have never taken a bike course before, you can also find out which type is right for you with their representatives.