Situations when a motorcycle helmet can't save your head during a crash!

Helmets can reduce the risk of injury in two ways: 
1) by limiting the force that impacts the head and 
2) by reducing rotational forces on brain tissue.

What if we told you that a motorcyclist would still have a chance of dying despite wearing a helmet?


It's true! Helmets don't protect you from all injuries, even though motorcycle helmets are 37% effective in preventing fatal injuries.

Let's take a look and visualize some of these situations. Basically, a helmet might be unable to save you....

1) If you are not wearing a properly fastened and fitted motorcycle safety helmet.

2) If you are riding without an approved full-face helmet.

3) If the motorcycle is involved in a collision that impacts the rider's head at high speed.

4) If you are driving too fast for the conditions.

5) If the motorcycle is struck from behind. Remember that a helmet's back portion is comparatively sensitive to impacts.

Can You Survive a Head Injury Without Helmet?

We have done an exciting case study on this topic. As an aware motorcyclist, you should read this.

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