Top Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs!!

It is essential first to understand the roots of organized crime in America to understand the threat posed by outlaw motorcycle gangs.

What began as small biker gangs grew into full-fledged organizations that engaged in everything from illegal gambling and prostitution to kidnapping, arson, and extortion.

The biker gangs remain a dangerous problem across the country today.

Most groups are either multi-state or national in scope, and some have been involved in serious crimes for decades.


The Warlocks are one of the most violent motorcycle gangs in America.

The gang has a long-term experience in wanton violence, including assaults on rival leaders, indiscriminate killings of police officers, and assaults on civilians.

The gang has been active since 1974 and is split into chapters based around either large cities or specific regions.

Its members are savage in reputation; their greatest joy is to slaughter rival gangs, who will often complain that they now feel unsafe within their communities.

The Highwaymen

A Detroit-based motorcycle club founded in the 1950s, the Highwaymen, has been the subject of several large-scale investigations.

The Highwaymen are a relatively small community compared to the Warlock and other groups. However, they are still a fearsome force in Detroit.