Benefits of Ignition Lock

Motorcycle Ignition Interlock systems are getting a huge market day by day. But have you wondered how useful they are? Let's untangle this mystery!

The effectiveness of motorcycle ignition interlock varies depending on the situation.

However, many experts believe it can be an effective tool to help offenders stay safe while riding motorcycles.

Motorcycle ignition interlock devices prevent riders from starting their motorcycles if they have been drinking or using drugs.

Riders can install these devices on a motorcycle's engine, and violators must pass a test before the vehicle starts.

Studies have found that motorcycle ignition interlock laws significantly reduce alcohol-related crashes.

They also appear to be more successful at preventing drug-related crashes than traditional DWI laws.

There are some potential drawbacks to motorcycle ignition interlock laws.

But, such locks can be expensive to install and maintain and may not be effective in all situations.

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