Want Good Motorcycle Battery Health?

According to a study, your motorcycle can misfire or the battery can die if you don't maintain your motorcycle battery health

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Ideas

Scheduled Basic Inspection

Regularly check the cells and cables in your motorcycle battery for corrosion or damage

Proper Charging is Necessary

Keep your motorcycle battery fully charged at all times - especially during summer when the temperature is typically higher than normal levels outside

Manufacturer-approved chargers

 Many standard aftermarket chargers are not designed for use with motorcycle batteries and can damage them


Avoid overcharging your battery. This damn mistake can damage the battery and reduce its life


Keep your motorcycle adequately serviced, including regular checks of the battery's condition and charging system

Good Batteries

Only use approved motorcycle batteries from reputable manufacturers. Improperly manufactured or recharged cells can lead to instability, fire, and injury on motorcycles

Battery Storage

Store the battery in a dry place during long-term inactivity. It will help it to maintain its charge and extend its life

Don't Overload!

Please do not abuse the battery by overloading it or leaving it unused for extended periods

Improper Functioning

If your battery is not functioning correctly, do not continue to use the motorcycle. Bring the bike in for servicing or replace the battery

Follow Manual

Be sure to read the safety information accompanying your battery. This way, you understand the risks of riding a motorcycle with a faulty battery

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