Jumpstarting a motorcycle

Wondering how to jumpstart any motorcycle easily? Don't worry! You will learn how to do that throughout this web story!

At first, Park the motorcycle in a well-lit area.

Turn off the engine, then remove the key from the ignition.

Open both gas and brake valves on either side of the motorcycle.

Pinch two rubber hoses connecting each side of the carburetor to their respective fuel lines (usually black).

Hold onto these hoses while you turn one of them clockwise until it starts to leak fuel; Do not allow it to run dry!

Once you see fuel leaking from one hose, quickly switch sides and repeat with the other hose. Keep pinching the hoses until all of the fuel has been drained.

Open both air and carburetor valves, then start the engine.

Allow it to idle for a few minutes to allow the newly-installed fuel lines time to stretch.

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