Let's get to know some fantastic cop motorcycle features.

Police motorcycles

A powerful engine that can reach speeds up to 134 mph!


Backup cameras so officers can see what's ahead of them even when they're on the move.


Brake assist technology that helps keep motorcycle riders safe in dangerous situations.

braking technology

Functional parking lights can be turned on when officers need to see in the dark.

Better visual

Comfortable riding positions make it easy for officers to stay on their bikes, even for long periods.


Wide tires provide stability and traction in all types of weather.

Better traction & tires

wireless connectivity lets officers share information quickly and easily between bikes.

Wireless info pass

Off-road capabilities give police motorcycles a unique edge in responding to emergencies.

More of an ordinary bike

These features make police motorcycles an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for law enforcement officers.

Full of features

They're perfect for patrolling busy city streets and responding to emergencies.