Bad Sides of Biltwell Helmets

While Biltwell motorcycle helmets have attractive features and discounts, they also come with their fair share of cons. What are They?

Biltwell Helmets

Quality Over Features!

Firstly, The quality of the helmet may not be as good as you think.

When it comes to quality...

Marketing Gimmick!

For example, The Biltwell variant of the "Cargo" helmet was initially marketed as a racer-style design made from polycarbonate and carbon fiber.

Don't fall for attractivity

High Price

The price is high compared to other helmets on the market.

Not Worth the Money

Cheaper Alternatives

There are cheaper alternatives available that similar offer protection.

Better Options Available!

Other Options

If you're searching for a head shield that offers similar protection to Biltwell Helmets, consider Nolan, Retro, and other brands.

Some Alternatives

A Better Choice

We suggest looking at the Nolan N102 or Smith Street Moto X Helmet. 

You can still get the best helmet

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