Adventure bikes are the ultimate all-purpose bikes, capable of satisfying just about any rider.

Most importantly, they can handle everything from racing to touring, dirt tracks to paved streets.

When you think of adventure bikes, what do you think of them? Wind beneath your wings, the edge of the map? And most importantly: all-day comfort.

Here's the best adventure motorcycle to get you where you need to go.

Ducati Multistrada V4

This motorcycle is the latest, so it's loaded with new technology, and increased efficiency is rarely seen on a production motorcycle.

This new adventure motorcycle offers real-time, digitally semi-autonomous technology in all aspects of the experience. 

It has radar front and rear that aids safe-distance following with adaptive cruise control. The best part is blind spot detection and an efficient and speedy overtaking function.

Ducati's newest stand-alone IMU is called Quickshifter, and it works with everything from ABS to traction control to offer wheelie control.

With a Ducati Multistrada, it's easier to adjust driving dynamics.

The V4 S -is fitted with the company's semi-active Skyhook Suspension that changes depending on road conditions.