Motorcycle cruise control can be dangerous if not used properly. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists lack this understanding

Not For Everyone!

Single rider and offroad motorcycle riders are more likely to benefit from cruise control systems than anyone else

Best For..

When using motorcycle cruise control, the rider should maintain constant psychological focus on the road ahead and never lose sight of their surroundings

Staying Focused

Do You know that you will likely be at fault if you are ever involved in an accident while using motorcycle cruise control?

Legal Cases

Motorcycle cruise control is a great way to conserve fuel and avoid accidents, but you should only use cruise controls under the guidance of an experienced rider

Learn First!

If you are inexperienced with motorcycle cruising controls, please do not use them. You should practice and master the art of cruise controls well before jumping on the road at first.

Newbies Stay Away

When you activate motorcycle cruise control, your bike's engine will slowly reduce its speed, usually around 25-50 miles per hour. 

How it Works

You can maintain this speed by keeping your hands on the handlebars and looking straight ahead. If you need to brake, you'll need to do so manually.

The Efficient Way

Always use caution when traveling at high speeds, especially on narrow or winding roads - avoid Tailgating!


Do not exceed the safe speed limit set by the state/province you drive - always stay within the legal limits.

Speed Limits!