The year that changed everything for Indian Motorcycles

In 1910, Indian motorcycles were moving into the future with some significant changes. The leaf-spring front fork was then introduced.

The scout motorcycle

A skilled racer designed the Scout to be a motorcycle that could conquer any terrain and resist the elements.

This is a 1967 Indian Scout with custom military styling

A timeless piece of history, this custom military Indian Scout was initially created to be used in the war.

The Police Special 

The Special was used by the state police forces. Still, it was also sold to civilians after it became available. It was produced from 1966 TO 1969

The Indian Motorcycles were a legend in multiple ways

Considered the most rigid, most durable bikes ever made, the Indian line was an American Motorcycle company founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1901.

The 1953 Indian Chief 

This was one of the most iconic bikes in history. Watching it pass by, driverless, at the homecoming parade reminds us of when it was first introduced in 1953.

The motorcycle that dominated!

Vintage Indians were one of the most popular bikes in India during the 1950s, dominating racing events before the government ended it. 

Bagger king

King Of The Baggers is an 8"XL sized motorcycle that has been reinvented with a more robust frame, 1 handled dump truck with a top speed of 32mph and can carry up to 40kg of bulk materials.

Polaris And The Indian Chief

A New Start gives us a peek into the history of Indian motorcycles, including how Polaris got into the business and how they built their reputation.