Guided Motorcycle Tours Are Just Not Fun

While on a guided motorcycle tour, you will enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility. But there can be downsides too!


 Guided motorcycle tours can be pretty expensive.


They are often scheduled in advance, so you may have to wait until a tour is available that meets your specific interests and schedule.


Since you're on a guided motorcycle tour, leaving when and where you want can be difficult.


Some guided motorcycle tours require riders to wear helmets, which some people find uncomfortable or inconvenient.


Guided motorcycle tours can be very slow-moving, so you may not get to see as much scenery as you would on your own.


Guided motorcycle tours are not for everyone. You should be comfortable with close riding and have a confident personality to enjoy.


Finally, some people worry that the tour guide is steering them too heavily in specific directions or is simply not providing enough information.


Book from a reliable tour operator, and then travel with a group of other travelers. This can feel like more work than you're willing to do for something as fun as riding with a tour guide!