Remember These Five Tips as a Well Aware Motorcyclist

When Riding Your Motorcycle

Be alert to the possibility of hitting a vehicle that may not have seen you or turned to avoid your path.


Intersections, by definition, are tricky places—especially for motorcycle riders.


Exercise extreme caution around large vehicles making turns at intersections.


What's the most dangerous intersection for you? The one where there are four lanes of traffic coming and going.


Taking a look at your blind spots can be difficult, especially when you are riding. But not checking your blind spots can be the leading cause of motorcycle and vehicle accidents.


Moreover, it's essential to check your blind spot. Motorcycles have small engines, so drivers often find it difficult to spot them when changing lanes and merging. 


If you see an object large enough to occupy part of your field or vision while driving, you should ensure it is safe by stopping and checking any lanes the thing may block.


A motorcycle can be faster than you think, so give them plenty of space when you are overtaking or passing.


Motorcyclists have the right to ride through a single lane of traffic. They are not allowed to share the same route with a car.


If a car uses that lane and no other vehicle is present, you must stop at a safe location before proceeding.