Trying to Figure Out A Good Storage System?

Let's get to know some excellent ideas to help you get started building a dedicated motorcycle storage

Have a designated spot for your motorcycle in the garage. Space is tight so make sure the bike has enough room to move around

Leave space on one side of the bike wall and have an empty spot on the other for tools, workbenches, and additional storage

Mount a bike rack onto a wall column near your front door and keep all of your essential riding gear close at hand

Create additional storage within reach by hanging baskets, pegboards, or shelving above existing canisters or stocking shelves with helmets, rain gear, and snacks (for long rides)

Invest in a quality bike stand that can hold multiple bikes and make it easy to store your ride when not in use

Install a security system that includes an alarm and camera to keep your bike safely contained

Configure the room to include an outdoor space where you can store your motorcycles undercover during inclement weather

Install carpeting or wood flooring to provide a comfortable surface for bikes and storage

Install an energy-efficient LED light fixture with a built-in bike rack to make it easy to store your ride at night

Create a cozy oasis for nursing babies or taking naps by adding a daybed or sofa with storage beneath