Should I get a lawyer for my motorcycle accident

Should I Get A Lawyer For My Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents have become a significant issue in the US. Almost 31% of motorcycle riders got injured in 2020. And this percentage is rising day by day. The critical decision after a  is whether Should I get a lawyer for my motorcycle accident. Hiring a lawyer causes long-lasting financial consequences and we’ll discuss if it is worth it.

If you’re a motorcycle rider, no one knows whether you’ll be a victim of motorcycle accidents in the future. In such situations, things worsen; hence, taking the proper steps is necessary. Sometimes, making a slight delay in taking legal steps can result in lasting unwanted consequences.

And if you’re already a victim of a motorcycle accident, you must understand whether Should you get a lawyer for an insurance claim. about 33% of the motorcycle crashes don’t necessarily require an attorney.

It is to say, I have gone through a motorcycle accident in the past, and I got myself compensation through a lawyer. This article will discuss everything about a motorcycle accident lawyer from experience.

You’ll get full clarification about the activities and procedures you have to perform after a motorcycle accident.

Should I get a lawyer for my motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle Accident Cases

It’s never early to hire an attorney to recover your motorcycle accident losses. It’s vital to understand the circumstances of a motorcycle accident. In this way, you’ll easily be able to determine what you should do, hire an attorney or take steps on your own. Don’t just think about whether Should I get a lawyer for my motorcycle accident. Instead, understand the reality.

Victims with minor injuries are not ordinarily eligible for any insurance or compensation. Suppose a motorcycle has hit a tree or a roadside lamp. In this scenario, the biker’s fault is apparent (if there was no other interruption). 

Even the biker may get charged for his weakness. In this case, You probably should not think about hiring an attorney. Such a sort of accident doesn’t require much hassle. For example, Drunken bikers cause many accidents. These types of cases are susceptible!

But suppose the accident is significant because of faulty road signs, damaged roadways, errors in the traffic lights, or unexpected debris in the roads. In that case, you should hire a lawyer to help you file a claim against the city. So that possibly you can recover the needed amount of funds for your treatment and other damages.

There is a high chance of a fatal accident on a motorcycle. Because of the nature of two-wheeler transport, unlike a car, the potential of fatality is way higher than cars. According to a report, 70%-80% of motorcycle accidents cause significant injuries or sometimes result in death.

Motorcycle accident cases are sensitive.

Motorcycle lacks a lot in giving protection. And there is no barrier between the driver and the road. In comparison, cars have decent protecting capability against any danger.

That’s why sometimes a little bit of fluctuation while driving can cause significant injuries. According to a recent statistic, about 776.57 motorcycle accident occurs per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. In contrast, the number of passenger cars involved in motorcycle accidents is 423.13.

It means motorcycles are always sensitive to accidents. Sometimes, there can be no other reason regarding the accident. As a result, you can’t claim any compensation against anyone.

Nowadays, most bike accidents occur due to overspeeding or mismanagement of the biker. So, stay alert and be aware of all the danger possibilities while driving.

How a motorcycle accident attorney deals with the insurance company

Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

An experienced lawyer is competent enough to deal with the situation with perfection. An insurance company fears legal steps that the lawyer at all levels might take.

As a result, the insurance company avoids being overconfident and clever as they perform with individuals. Typically, you can expect that the insurance adjuster will try to get away with paying as little as possible. But you don’t want an offer you don’t deserve. You want total compensation for your medical, repairing, loss of wages, and other expenses.

The attorney can communicate with the other party’s insurance and achieve a satisfactory settlement.

The best part is insurance companies take lawyer-involved cases seriously. It helps you get what you deserve in short, Tim, and less hassle.

Should I get a lawyer for my motorcycle accident?

Whether you should hire a lawyer or not is a critical decision to take. Some people choose to deal with the situation alone because they assume they don’t need an attorney to help with an insurance claim.

 While a lawyer can cause financial spending for a long time, they will help you to a greater extent to let you receive the maximum compensation for your case. Let’s discuss the reasons for hiring a motorcycle accident attorney:

The reasons to consider before the choosing decision:

Claim Denial: insurance companies don’t exist to pay off every claim that comes their way. , they are in business to make a profit. And you can expect the carrier to try their best to find reasons to deny your claim. The reactionary attitude of insurance companies might not let you go far with your claim. in this case, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney sends an indication to the company that you’re very serious about your injury claim. The company assumes you’d not go so far as to fight the case, and eventually, you’d accept an offer from them which is very low.

Avoiding medical expense: insurance companies will try to prevent treatment-related medical expenditures. Medical expenses for motorcycle accident victims can range from a thousand dollars to seven hundred thousand dollars. It depends on the extent of the injury. In this way, it can affect you financially when your medical insurance seeks reimbursement.

They may follow the wrong way: The insurance company may claim that the motorcycle accident didn’t cause you injury. It is a sneaky way for the insurance companies to argue that motorcycle accident victims’ injury has happened at other places or time. The motorcycle accident attorney will find evidence and represent them to support your case in this scenario.

Delay in the claim: The insurance company keeps you waiting longer for money. Delaying your claim means your bills keep growing. In the meantime, they know holding the money for a more extended period means accident victims become desperate for cash and may get settled for a lower amount later. Interestingly, Virginia has a two-year limitation for personal injury claims, including motorcycle accident injuries. Which means you can’t take legal actions after the restriction.

What activities does an accident attorney perform?

An experienced attorney knows the value of your claim. They take necessary legal steps against the insurance company making a false commitment or denying your claim.

Sometimes, the relationship between the insurance company and motorcycle accident victims becomes a game of statutes. 

A lawyer will help you pass through every step efficiently in this case. You can’t expect to gather Sufficient evidence to follow the exact rules, procedures, and actions required unless you’re a professional. Things need to be treated smartly according to the behavior of the insurance provider. In this way, you can make your way to getting a total compensation stronger.

After all, the cost spent behind the attorney is not higher than the funds you’d get for your injuries. Short-term spending is letting you achieve a bigger goal.

What mistakes can make it harder to get your insurance

There are some things you should always avoid. A motorcycle accident causes both financial and juridical problems. Therefore, Dealing with the situation with your right hand is significant. Let’s discuss some “do’s and don’ts” after a motorcycle accident so that you can be aware and avoid any other critical issues.

Don’t talk to anyone asking for information except the police and security officials.

I’m not advising you to stay quiet all the time before the police come. You need time to comprehend what just suddenly occurred.

If you speak too soon, you may say something inappropriate or unstructured.

Suppose you got panicked and apologized for your fault (though it was not. When the police approach you, tell as many facts as possible.

Don’t guess speed and distance-related matters. The police will note down everything you say. If you have mistakenly said anything, it might cause significant problems when claiming your insurance.

Seek to get medical insurance and treatment by priority

Making delay or showing triviality to medical treatment will cause the insurance company to assume you were not injured or severely injured.

And they will argue that any later claimed injuries are not real, or your damage is not accurate or caused by something else and somewhere else.

Sometimes, many injuries don’t expose symptoms so early. It includes back and joint injuries.

So, if you suspect an injury or feel verily uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to see a doctor or health care soon. We highly recommend getting medical treatment with insurance first, even though other damages are more remarkable because medical treatment has a limited time.

Don’t give any recorded statement to any insurance adjuster.

Don’t dare to even talk to an adjuster first. Get consultancy, speak with a motorcycle accident attorney and get things cleared. Insurance adjusters are used to dealing with this kind of situation.

Dishonest professionals can easily make Mistakes or put wrong information on the statement. It can seriously impair the value of an injury claim. After all, adjusters are trained professionals to act cleverly.

Don’t talk to unknown persons or attorneys claiming to be a professional

Someone may unexpectedly show up at your home or other place and persuade you to let them represent your case. It is illegal and, at the same time, unethical. And for sure, you won’t get the innovative and professional representation your case demands.

Deal with the other party involved in the accident efficiently.

Please don’t assume that they would readily admit their fault. Gather as much proof as possible. At first, obtain the name and contact information of any physically present witnesses at the venue. Also, Take photos of the accident and your injury using your cell phone or another camera. Photos are real-time proof that can resolve any liability or causation issues.

What situation is specifically eligible for a claim?

Insurance Claim Form

So, in easy words, if you have gone through a motorcycle accident where other parties are directly involved. Being involved is not enough; if there were no significant problems concerning the accident, both parties could also mutually solve their problem.

But if any damage or serious injuries has happened, you will have to hire an attorney. It will help you to get compensation and navigate through the red tape.

An experienced lawyer holds enough knowledge about the personal injury laws at both state and local levels. They understand the local personal injury laws and efficiently help you deal with the situation. Most importantly, you may be eligible to recover monetary compensation to the maximum extent for injuries, including medical expenses, loss of wages, transport repairing, and other accident-related costs.

The process to hire a motorcycle accident attorney.

So, if you’re ready to hire a lawyer, seek counseling right away. A lawyer typically costs anywhere between $255 to $520 per hour. Small cities cost less while heavily populated areas, especially urban areas, are expensive. It depends on the complexity of the case and the lawyer’s experience. 

When you search for an attorney, keep in mind to hire such a person who has enough idea about the motorcycle culture and different types of bike. It is better to seek an experienced attorney for the best consequence. The definition of experience here is who has handled hundreds, if not, thousands of cases.

Keep in mind to file the case within the soonest possible time. There is a specific amount of time for every state to file the claim. This period is called the statute of limitation and varies widely from state to state.

Some states give you a maximum of 6 months to do whatever you want, while some states might allow up to years. Simple and efficiently handled cases may take several months to resolve. But more complicated issues could even take several years.


Be aware when driving on the roads. A motorcycle delivers less protection than a car, and that’s why you should always be careful.

You’d never win the claim if you were racing with your motorcycle on the streets like those heroes or doing those fancy stunts on a public road. Following the rules of safety is a must. And that is also significant for all vehicles.

However, we hope all the concerns regarding hiring a motorcycle accident attorney are clarified. But still, if you think we have missed something in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you & stay tuned!

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