The Best 6 Ways to Make a Carbureted Motorcycle Faster

When you are looking to make a carbureted motorcycle faster, the first step is to determine what you want it to do. If you are trying to achieve speed, then power is essential. For those who like their bikes to look good and perform better, aesthetics also come into play. However, if aesthetics and customization are not your priority and you want to get super speed quickly, you can do other things to fasten up your bike’s engine performance.

Making a carbureted motorcycle faster is as easy as adjusting the carburetor jetting and jetting cleaners. Many carbureted motorcycles are available with tunable stock jets to make the motorbike run better, at least in theory. Successful tuning requires understanding motorcycle engines and how they work, plus knowledge about specific components that improve performance.

Luckily, you have many ways to improve your motorcycle performance. Following this article will help you increase the speed and acceleration of both stock and modified motorcycles in tangible ways!

Increase Your Motorcycle’s Air Intake (The Most Important Step to Make a Carbureted Motorcycle Faster)

Carbureted Motorcycle Air Intake

If you want to make a carbureted motorcycle faster, you first need to reduce the restriction on the air filter. The typical stock air box restricts airflow by 95% or more! Your first step should be installing a high-flow aftermarket filter, such as K&N.

If you are looking for something even more effective but still inexpensive, try a K&N cone filter. If you want to get extreme (and spend money), use a progressive high-flow intake system like Screamin’ Eagle or Kenne Bell.

While stock airboxes don’t restrict horsepower much, they block some of the necessary air.

One can improve this by swapping the airbox for a larger or more restrictive one. One downside of improving your airflow is a relatively lousy fuel economy. On the other hand, this method can also help your motorcycle fuel injection perform better.

A Better Exhaust System

Motorcycle Exhaust System

Acceleration is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can grab the throttle and go as far as you dare. Conversely, it can be terrifying when your bike “loses its mind” and reaches top speed before you do.

It’s essential to understand how these two factors come together to improve the performance of your motorcycle.

Regarding carbureted bikes, upgrading your air filters is essential to add more power. Without a good filter and exhaust system, you’ll miss out on the improved power gains that both upgrades can provide.

Manufacturers must meet emission standards and keep their costs low. As a result, stock exhausts may not move air as efficiently as they should. It is where aftermarket slip-on or complete exhaust systems will help you generate extra horsepower.

Whether your motorcycle is stock or not, your performance will benefit from replacing the stock exhaust. In most cases, this system with a slip-on or complete exhaust upgrade boosts the performance. It will provide more power and help you eliminate that stock muffler and airbox. In this way, the things that slow you down while adding excess weight getaway.

Since getting your hands on a set of aftermarket exhausts can be difficult, you’ll need to consider upgrading the stock system yourself. This should involve swapping out the muffler and tailpipe. Also, consider upgrading your spark plugs with high-tech replacements with more surface area for better fuel atomization and less resistance, resulting in more power and quicker acceleration.

Update Your ECU With Maximum Performance The Smart Way: Reflash vs. a Tuning Box

Motorbike Ecu Update

You can go from stock exhaust to an aftermarket one in a few simple steps, but installing the exhaust is only half the job. The other puzzle is plugging in an aftermarket tuner or reflashing the ECU.

If you need your bike to go faster, there’s no better way than tuning it with an aftermarket fuel or power tuner. By improving your motorcycle’s fuel map, a tuner can bring out more power and make it easier to get up to speed.

Performance upgrading for the stock motorcycle can be challenging, but it is possible with some help. If your bike has a carburetor or two-stroke, you can install a richer fuel or add more power to the engine to increase horsepower. 

You’ll need an upgraded suspension for better handling and lower weight. Tune up your engine and exhaust for performance gains without sacrificing reliability. An expensive investment in tuning equipment like a tuner or fuel injector and other parts like new valves and reeds will pay dividends over time.

A carbureted motorcycle may be slower because of the lack of complex electronic tuning and tuning adjustments. If you’re looking for more power, choose a tuner like the FuelPak or Power Commander TM with more fuel syrup and air canisters to increase horsepower.

You’ll need to do a trial run once everything is top-notch to ensure everything works as planned. Then you can install the custom parts and enjoy more performance immediately.

Reflashing The ECU

Reflashing your motorcycle’s ECU (engine control unit) can significantly improve performance. The ECU controls the drive unit that powers your two-wheeler. This computer chip comes programmed to meet specific industry requirements.

Most motorcycles do not offer their best performance because the ECU was either bought from another manufacturer or not reflashed when new. This process is an excellent place to start when you want to enjoy the full benefits of a power valve on your bike.

Reflashing your bike’s ECU is an effective way to get more power out of your motorcycle. After all, a well-tuned engine can send more horsepower to the wheels, and you can enjoy a smoother ride. However, you should always consult and perform ECU reflashing with the help of a professional mechanic.

A New Jet Kit For The Carburetor Would be a Good Idea

Jet Kit For Two wheeler

If you have a carbureted bike and want to make the most out of it, consider installing a new jet kit for the carburetor.

Buying a new jet kit for the carburetor to build the best possible machine is a worthy idea. Not only does this tool will improve performance, but it can also help you reduce emissions and save valuable fuel economy in your vehicle.

While some brands offer kits specifically designed for exhaust modification and mods, many offer a mix of both.

We carry a broad selection of designs from Japan, Germany, and the US-based makers that can increase horsepower while maintaining adequate engine responsiveness with each turn in your throttle.

Ignition Modification

Motorcycle Parts

An extra horsepower can be a real help when it comes to performance. The most efficient way to improve the engine’s performance is by using aftermarket ignition systems

But before even thinking of spending money on aftermarket ignition systems, you must do extensive research first. You need to know about the existing ignition in your bike to make any modifications.

Whether you’ve got an engine that’s already performing well or are looking for something new, there are numerous factors to consider when modifying your bike’s ignition system. 

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For instance, your bike’s displacement, compression ratio, compression ratio, bore size, and more matter a lot. The horsepower potential from a fault-free ignition system can make or break your performance on the trail.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice. Having the right parts installed on your motorcycle can make a massive difference in performance and safety. 

A better ignition system, such as one that uses electronic ignition systems, offers many benefits to riders wanting to improve their efficiency and performance. 

To ensure that you choose the right product for your needs, read through reviews for help finding the perfect choice for your vehicle.

Custom Parts and Accessories For Performance Boost (DYOR to Make your Carbureted Motorcycle Faster)

Find the customizable parts you need to improve the performance of your V-twin cruiser bike.

Explore aftermarket exhaust kits – with dual pipes, fuel processors, air kits, chrome slip-on mufflers, and other parts that you can install easily.

It will help if you learn how vital horsepower is to your riding experience. After that, you will understand why some people choose to improve their bike’s parts.

You’ll find everything from mufflers and performance air cleaners to exhaust pipes on the market.

Whether shopping for your bike or buying a kit for another rider, we’ll be glad to help you find the best deals.

Bonus Ideas to Make Your Carbureted Motorcycle Faster

Under the hood of your carbureted motorcycle, you have a set amount of time to complete your mission.

This 5-minute bonus session will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Here are some suggestions that will make your motorcycle faster:

Gin up Your motorcycle’s Gearing

Adjusting your Gearing is a no-brainer if you want a relatively quick way to dial up acceleration. Changing your Gearing will make your motorcycle behave differently and feel sharper (but not faster). If you know nothing about motorcycle gearing systems, you can read our article on how the gears of a motorcycle work.

Adding or subtracting teeth to your motorcycle’s sprockets can make a big difference. Swapping the stock components out for lighter, aftermarket ones will also reduce unsprung weight.

You can use the core steps above to boost your acceleration, but you can also dial your horsepower by adjusting your Gearing. Changing the ratio of sprockets in each wheel significantly affects how fast a motorcycle will accelerate.

We recommend adding or subtracting at least one tooth from each wheel’s sprocket to create a noticeable difference in how quickly your motorcycle moves from 0-60 mph.

Adding Fuel Filters Mean Adding Life

Come on; your motorcycle has a life. He needs to breathe, so keeping your bike’s air filter clean is essential. A dirty filter can cause you to lose power and perform poorly, resulting in increased emissions when you ride. A dirty air filter will also rob your engine of air, requiring you to use more fuel to compensate for this loss.

Therefore, one of the vital performance upgrades you can make to your motorcycle is typically made with a filter.

While fuel filters won’t offer an immediate improvement, they can ensure that your motorcycle runs more efficiently. Using premium gas will also help keep the machine clean, extending its engine life.

Fuel filters are what keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. They remove dirt, debris, and impurities, which keep your engine clean so it can perform better.

So if you have a fuel filter that’s not working effectively, it doesn’t matter how good your fuel is—it will affect how your vehicle runs, especially when it’s cold outside or during extreme weather conditions. And in some aspects, you can expect even poor performance or abysmal mileage.

If you put too much fuel in the tank, or if you’re running on harmful gas, you might not see any improvements in performance from replacing your filter.

But there’s nothing worse than having your bike stop running because of a clogged engine. So take good care of your bike—and it will take good care of you by helping promote even more fuel efficiency and improve performance.

Conclusion: What to Remember When Making Your Carbureted Motorcycle Faster

When making your carbureted motorcycle faster, keep some tips in mind. Inspect and clean all of your motorcycle’s parts regularly. It will keep it running smoother and faster. Also, use high-quality gasoline and ensure that your carburetor is tuned correctly. Finally, keep an eye on the speedometer and adjust your riding accordingly.