Does Riding a Motorcycle Build Muscle? Consider The Pros and Cons

Muscular Motorcylist

Motorcycle riding is an enjoyable activity, whether it is to spend leisure time or for racing. However, many motorcyclists doubt whether or not riding a motorcycle build muscle. If you are also interested in knowing how long and what things impact your muscles while riding a motorcycle, then stay with us till the end.

Riding a motorcycle doesn’t build muscle. It develops it! You must put your body through all sorts of contortions on your two-wheeler. You lean forward to navigate curves and lean back to see what’s ahead of you or keep your balance while standing up on the pegs at highway speeds. That kind of activity burns calories, tones muscles, and improves coordination.

This article will teach how riding impacts muscle mass, bone density, and the cardiovascular system. Don’t worry! We won’t make the science behind it beyond your understanding.

What Muscles Do You Use When Riding a Motorcycle?

Muscles Used While Riding

When you ride a motorcycle, you engage your entire body. Riding a motorbike requires a lot of strength and endurance.

The primary muscles used when riding a motorcycle are the abdominals, back, thighs, and glutes. The abdominals help to stabilize the body while riding and also help control the spine.

The back helps move you along by using your abdominal muscles to generate power for movement. Thighs and glutes provide power when changing gears and changing gears braking.

First, understand How Muscles Grow.

Muscles grow in response to tension placed on them in a controlled manner. When you ride your motorcycle, you put yourself through various motions that evenly place pressure on your muscles throughout their length, leading to muscle growth.

The pressure you place on your muscles also impacts how much they grow. But the level of force is not the only factor here. Muscle growth can sometimes get abnormal, leading to muscle and back pain.

Does Riding a Motorcycle Assist Muscle Growth?

Yes, riding a motorcycle can lead to muscle growth. Riding at a moderate intensity—such as on the road rather than in an indoor gym setting—can trigger adaptations that promote muscle growth and improve endurance. But remember that there are more dangers to riding a motorcycle if you maneuver at high speeds rather than gaining muscle strength.

Riding a motorcycle is easier on your body than driving a car, with more muscles used in the process. Your shoulders and back get a great workout, especially riding in a hunched position. Your core and lower back muscles are also activated, as are your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Riding also improves coordination and balance, which benefits overall posture, sending neurological signals that stimulate the brain to produce new neural pathways. In short, regular exercise strengthens muscles while improving bone density and cardiovascular health!

But Riding Motorcycles Doesn’t Make You Stronger!

Why Riding A Motorcycle Doesn't Make You Stronger

Yes, riding a motorcycle can make you physically stronger. It’s essential to keep in mind that muscle growth is not simply the result of lifting weights. Most strength gains from weightlifting come from increased muscle mass—not just individual muscles.

Performing a muscle-building activity like motorcycle riding can help you build muscle, but it is not a miracle worker or a magic potion. Unlike dedicated body-building efforts, you might face some adverse effects too!

That’s because, during weight lifting, your muscles are overloaded and forced to adapt by growing more extensive and robust. On the other hand, riding a motorcycle without putting much weight on the muscles can sometimes cause your muscles to decrease in size. The math depends on individual body types.

The truth is: that riding a motorcycle does make you physically more potent, but there are many other variables at play too. So, if you want to get strong and build muscle, don’t neglect your regular fitness routine!

Riding a Motorcycle Frequently And Not Working Out Can Decrease Testosterone!

Low Testesterone Due To Excessive Motorcycle Riding

Although no scientific studies directly related to this question, frequent riding can likely cause your testosterone levels to go down. Riding your motorbike daily and spending long hours on it will negatively affect your body’s health.

We have a separate article on the correlation between motorcycle riding and testosterone.

Anyway, It happens because you spend much time with a crotch rocket and never exert physical effort while making long-distance journeys on your bike. Every time you ride a motorcycle, your body releases cortisol, which lowers testosterone levels in the blood. You must consider such activities when planning your next trip.

The lack of physical effort can decrease testosterone levels in your body, which is why many experts recommend you ride a motorcycle less frequently and do some exercise regularly.

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You might wonder, does this mean I can’t build muscle if I ride a motorcycle frequently?

The short answer is that you might not get the same strength gains as someone who performs muscle exercises. Riding a motorcycle often has a damaging effect on your testosterone production. It will remove the strength gains, and you might even develop back pain!

It is because the muscles are relaxed and not overloaded as during weightlifting. However, there’s no harm in riding a motorcycle occasionally. If You Ride a Motorcycle Frequently, You Might Encounter Adverse Effects like back pain!

Additionally, many riders suffer from skin conditions such as sunburns or rashes when riding motorcycles. Riding a motorbike also can cause fractures in your spine and neck due to the abuse it takes during crashes.

So, riding a motorbike is not without risks. If you’re considering starting to ride more frequently, you must do your research first and talk to a doctor about the potential health risks.

There are a few reasons why riding a motorcycle can be beneficial for your health:

  1. It is a great exercise option if you're not the most active.
  2. It has been shown to improve overall balance and coordination.
  3. Motorcycles are relatively low-impact activities that don't stress your joints as other forms of exercise.

Well, fat burning rates vary depending on the individual. However, experts generally believe that riding a motorcycle can help you burn some extra calories and fat.

The muscles one uses the most when riding a motorcycle are the ones that control your balance and posture. These muscles include those in your hips, back, and torso.

No. You do not need any particular muscles to ride a motorcycle. Still, you will use different muscles depending on the type of bike you are riding. For example, street bikes involve more leaning than dirt bikes or sportbikes.

No. Riding a motorcycle is not considered cardio because you are not working at a high-intensity level. However, the repetitive motion of riding a motorbike can increase your heart rate and improve your circulatory system.